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Tocabe first opened its doors in December 2008. Tocabe is the only American Indian owned and operated restaurant in Metro Denver specializing in American Indian cuisine. The restaurant setting is a clean, warm, open space with connections to American Indian cultural elements, infused with a contemporary atmosphere.Tocabe takes it origin from Grayhorse: An American Indian Eatery, established in downtown Denver in 1989 by the Jacobs family. The Jacobs are tribal members of the Osage Nation. Tocabe uses some of the same recipes from Grayhorse and has expanded on Osage family recipes to create a new and unique take on American Indian cuisine. Tocabe is owned by Matt Chandra and Ben Jacobs.


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Stone Meredith May 1, 2018 at 3:53 pm

Hi, Ben.
I met you in the Greenwood Village location last Fall. I teach at CSU-Global–the online campus.
We talked a bit about education and your family’s past experiences in education.
I returned to your Denver location earlier this spring and left a name and number with a helpful and kind employee there–it was a a scribbled note and likely seemed strange to you amid all the people you must meet in a week.
Anyway, I’m trying to reach you to let you know that the graduate students–all teachers in the Denver Public Schools–that I told you about last year are graduating with their certificates in teaching English for duel enrollment–quite an accomplishment, as they’ve done this task while teaching full time.
We are meeting for the first time on Friday, June 8, for a meal together, and the Team of 9 chose your restaurant, Tocabe, as our meeting place. We’ll be at the Greenwood Village location, and I thought, as a former teacher who knew their story, that you might want to meet them, and I also wondered if it would be possible for these folks to meet you and to learn more about the restaurant–maybe to have a tour or to learn more about your project and mission. They work with students in your area who could benefit from the Tocabe mission, so a meeting seems like a natural fit.
I know you are busy, so if such a meeting is not possible, I understand.

Thank you, in advance, for your time, and thank you for Tocabe!
be well,
Stone Meredith


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