Ben and Matt

Tocabe is a local privately owned restaurant by the Jacobs family, long-time residents of Denver. When Tom and Jan, who have been married for 38 years, first moved their family to Denver in the late 1980's, they opened Grayhorse, a small Native American eatery in a food court on 16th and California. Grayhorse's small operation was the precursor to what would become Tocabe: An American Indian Eatery. Twenty years later, with help and input from their youngest son, Benjamin, and family friend Matthew Chandra, the family endeavored to revive their dream. Together, they have been working since 2006 to refine their recipes and develop the restaurant's design concept and menu. They are also keenly aware of the importance of giving customers more than just a good meal and the family has been able to cultivate a uniquely appetizing dining experience.

Tocabe is an old Osage translation long out of use which represents the color “blue”. With the logo beign the color purple one may ask: “why the color blue?” Benjamin chose the color blue because it represents his mom's favorite color.

The three hands represent the three villages of the Osage Nation: Pawhuska, Hominy, and Greyhorse.